“Want an all out laugh-fest with gags-a-plenty? Maff is your man. A few months back I saw him tear the roof off, generating more joy, more laughter than any arena-selling comedian”

GQ Magazine

Just to introduce myself briefly..

I currently do pretty much all the gigs going from the Comedy Store to the Glees to the Komedia's to Off the Kerb's and Outside the Box.

I was recommended as top ten thing's to see at the fringe by GQ, Twice (2012 & 2014).

I made a load of top jokes at the Fringe at the 2014 Edinburgh Festival. Links here:
Maff Brown Nespaper the Independent Newspaper

Maff Brown Nespaper the Mirror

I write for Mock the Week and did write for Vic and Bob’s Shooting Stars when it was on.

I’ve script edited radio 4 shows.

You would have seen me in Jack Dee’s Lead Balloon.

I have done warm up for plenty of shows but the highlights are Shooting Stars (3 Series), Badults, Dave Gorman's Genius. Vic and Bob's House of Fools, Comedy Central at the Comedy Store and even Loose Women!

I have my own podcast called Joke Fight Club which you can hear and download on iTunes and Soundcloud.

Robin Williams played my comedy club in Kingston upon Thames, which makes me better than you.

I’ve been a co presenter on a Absolute Rock and Roll Football with Ian Wright and you would have also heard me on 5Live, Talk Sport and BBC Radio 6.

I’ve done 4 solo shows at the Edinburgh Festival. Every one of them got a 4 star review. (Don’t Google that)

I was co-wrote and performed in an Amused Moose Comedy Award nominated show.

Before I become a professional comedian I spent 13 years in professional football. The highlight being I was part of Liverpool Football Club’s background staff under Gerard Houllier.

I have the uefa “A” Coaching License.

I’m a Brentford Football Club Fan.

I have a dog that goes by many names.

I still think Beat Street is the best film ever made.

I think Katie Hopkins is a massive cunt.

I was the first boy in my school to get off with Lisa Read.

I fucking love Pizza Express. Think of how much you love you kids, double it. That’s how much I love Pizza Express.

Here’s a link to some sketch’s I wrote and I think the last joke on it is the best I have ever written. Yet. https://www.youtube.com

If you are a producer / booker / stalker, email me on maffbrown.com and I’ll send you a video of my stand up. Except you Lisa Read. Not after the rumors you spread about me having a washing machine tongue.